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英文原文: men of god男神 英式音标: [men] [ɒv; (ə)v] [ɡɒd] 美式音标: [mɛn] [əv] [ɡɑd]

men of god 男神职人员,如牧师和神父

你丫的上帝 请采纳。。。。

man of god 神的人 man of god 神的人

please call him a man of god的中文翻译 please call him a man of god 请叫他是上帝的人

you are the man of god in my heart. 你是我心中的上帝。

唯有杜康-I know but one man... the God of Wine青青子衿-Disciples dressed in blue悠悠我心-My heart worries for you但为君故-You are the cause沉吟...

10.He that serves God for money will serve the...Let the cat out of the bag. 泄漏天机。Lies ...No man is born wise or learned. 没有生而知之...

The Lord God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will...302 The testing of you* **ith develops perseverance. 信心经过试验就生忍耐...

Thank god give me friends like you! On your birthday, I wish you man!Listen/that spans the breeze of spring/a and wishes/happy birthday!This may ...

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